World Café Discussion about Roles & Expectations

The World Café is a conversation method that helps groups draw out answers to meaningful questions. We will use it in the TOT to help country teams define their various roles and expectations for the E-Mediat project. The activity is conducted in two rounds of 15-20 minutes in groups of, ideally, six or less. A question is asked and the group discusses their answers, writing and drawing on butcher paper covering the tables. At the end of the first round (marked by a bell or other sound), all participants but one (the table host) rotate to another table and then continue the conversation around another, related question. The two questions we'll use are:

  1. As a social media trainer/coach, what are your expectations for yourself during the E-Mediat program? Which is the most important of these expectations to fulfill? How realistic are your self-expectations? What more do you need to be able to achieve them?
  2. What hopes and expectations do you have for the NGOs and civil society groups you will train? What could make it easier to achieve these outcomes?

At the end of the second round, all the participants will come together again and each table will share their insights with the group, providing a common ground on which to build the rest of the training/coaching aspect of the project.


  • 4-5 round tables of 4, if tables can't be round, or aren't small enough for small groups, then participants can simply sit small groups
  • roll of white paper
  • markers and crayons
  • bell
  • flip chart and markers for the harvest facilitator
  • sticky notes
  • projector
  • presentation with slides describing the process and questions
  • String and anything else that can provide three dimensionality
  • Magazines
  • Social media logos
  • Scissors
  • Glue