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Blogging Clinic Notes

5 main reasons for blogging

- It helps your website go up in search engine rankings
- It gives your NGO a human voice, a unique personality that builds a community around your cause.
- You can connect easier with people in social networking sites
- Spreads the word easier, cheaper and more effectively than mainstream media.
- Expand brand awareness.

3 keys to success

- Read
- Write
- Comment

Writing tips
  • Creating good blog post titles:
  • Create controversy or debate.
  • Ask a question.
  • Use powerful words: free, easy, stunning.
  • Always think about your audience.

Who should be
  • People that truly understand your organization's mission, issues, and
  • Guest bloggers: board members, allies, partners..

Length of posts:
  • 400-650 words or less is a good framework. If it's longer, divide into a two-part post.

questions and tips

- The blog should have a clear objective.
- What is your blog about?
- Name that can everyone remember it.
- Who is your audience?
- Short and long term goals.
- Successful blogs post consistently.
- Social media on your blog (facebook, twitter, flickr, youtube..)
- Identify the best person to write your blog
- Keep it simple
- Include images in every post. (sometime a video, presentation..)- design your blog (layout, theme, header, colors..)- vocabularies for blogging (post, pages, tags, comments, title..)- Show yourself/ be real/ tell stories- Tips about blogging.