National Anthem Energizer (Lead: Naeema)

This warmup works best when you have participants from a number of countries.
  • To conduct this warmup, you will need a source of music (tape player or radio) and a ball.
  • The participants should stand in a circle. The trainer puts on the source of music and participants dance and pass the ball around in the circle.
  • Whenever the music stops, whoever has the ball in his/her hand must step into the circle and sing the first verse of his/her national anthem. If he/she cannot remember the national anthem (which happens sometimes) he/she must sing a love song to pass.
  • After this has been done satisfactorily, the trainer turns on the music again and participants again pass the ball in the circle.
  • The game continues until many participants have had the opportunity to sing or the trainer feels that everyone has been energized.

  • Music player, speakers & computer
  • Beach ball or medium-size ball