Day 5

Developing a Strategic Online Presence

(Presented by SMEXbeirut)
Throughout the day, each team will work to turn their country blog into a strategic online presence, giving it a specific goal and target audience(s). The morning will unfold through a series of short exercises that participants can use as trainers and coaches. In the afternoon, they will begin the implementation process.

Participant Objectives

  • Understand the concept of an online presence for groups, NGOs, and campaigns
  • Get familiar with how users interact with the web so that they can advise on optimizing content and usability
  • Know what questions to ask when working with NGOs and techies in the process of creating or enhancing an online presence
  • Be able to get a client up and running on a basic blog, with some extensibility
  • Understand special issues related to working with the Arabic language on the web


Check In (15 minutes) Day 5 Check-In Notes

Session 1: What Is a Successful Strategic Online Presence? (30 minutes) Day 5 Session 1 Notes
We will look at several examples of online presences, from simple to complex and discuss the key elements, as well as talk about what success looks like.
  • Objective: To encourage participants to think holistically about developing an integrated online presence, rather than just a website or blog, and to take participants through the strategic planning process in discrete steps that they can adapt to both training and coaching with their participant/client NGOs.

Session 2: Tools Clinics: Blogging, Twitter, and Facebook Groups/Pages (90 minutes) Clinic Notes
SMEXbeirut Team
We will divide into three clinics, each of which addresses a tool from sign-up to advanced use: Facebook, Twitter, Blogging.
  • Objective: To enhance knowledge of specific tools while taking advantage of the expertise in the room.

Break (15 minutes)

Session 3: Developing a Strategic Plan for Your Country Team's Online Presence (45 minutes) Day 5 Session 4 Notes
Teams will develop a goal, audience, and message for their online presence and then map out an implementation plan.
  • Objective: To take the knowledge gained in the first two sessions and apply it to a typical online presence planning process.

Lunch (60 minutes)

Session 4: Usability & Images (45 minutes) Usability Notes
We will cover the basics of usability for English and Arabic, as well as provide a tutorial on image resizing and using Creative Commons to find images and other media licensed for free use.
  • Objective: To reinforce thinking about context, especially as it relates to access to technology, language, and resources.

Session 5: Implementing Your Plan (105 minutes) Implementing Your Plan Notes
SMEXbeirut Team
Country teams will have an hour to begin to implement their plans, with coaching from SMEXbeirut. They will present their works-in-progress and any plan alterations they made to the group.
  • Objective: To give participants a chance to improve their blogs without distraction.

Books Check Out (15 minutes) Books Check-Out Notes