Day 4

Becoming an Effective Social Media Trainer/Coach

(Presented by SMEXbeirut)

Participant Objectives

  • Define the role of a social media trainer/coach/adviser for the purposes of this project
  • Get familiar with the target NGO curriculum so that it can be customized and contextualized throughout the remaining TOT days
  • Understand the importance of listening and adopt the tools/processes that enable it from the perspective of a social media coach/trainer
  • Begin to develop comfort training on social media


Check In (15 minutes) National Anthem Icebreaker
Participants will regroup and prepare to change gears from the previous three days of training.

Session 1: Introduction to the Target NGO Curriculum (30 minutes) Target NGO Curriculum Notes
SMEXbeirut will walk the training teams through the development of the target NGO curriculum and facilitate small-group work to begin context-driven thinking about how to adapt it to each country.
  • Objectives: To begin the adaptation process and to encourage participants to adopt a trainer's mindset

Session 2: The Role of the Social Media Trainer/Coach/Adviser in E-Mediat (60 minutes) World Cafe Notes
Jessica & Naeema
We'll host a World Café–style discussion about the expectations for the roles in this project as well as the expectations the country teams have for the target NGOs.
  • Objective: To allow the participants to define their expectations for themselves as trainers/coaches, as well as to envision what they hope the target NGOs will achieve

Break (15 minutes)

Session 3: Listening, as a Trainer/Coach/Adviser (90 minutes) Listening Notes A & Listening Notes B
Mohamad & Hani
We will review Beth's listening concept as a first step toward engaging constituents through social media and adapt it to the needs of a social media trainer. In particular, we'll focus on two musts:
  1. Listening for case studies and context challenges
  2. Listening to stay up to date on tools

Then, we will review in short modules listening tools and tactics, including identifying keywords, smart search, setting up news alerts, subscribing to RSS feeds. In the next session, participants will have time to set up a listening dashboard through iGoogle.
  • Objectives: To cultivate good online listening habits and to empower trainers to adopt self-directed learning practice.
  • Objective: To give participants an opportunity to set up their listening post without distraction and to coordinate listening with their team members.

Lunch (60 minutes)

Session 5: What Does the Social Web Look Like? (75 minutes) Visualizing the Social Web Notes
After a visual presentation on visualizing the social web and the basic difference between web 1.0 and web 2.0. We'll do a quick multimedia exercise to explore what the social web looks, feels, and sounds like to different people.
  • Objective: To illustrate difference between our conceptions of the social web and to introduce the concept of content creation

Session 6: Likes, Improvements, Recapping Expectations for the Next Four Days (30 minutes) Recap Notes
We reviewed the day and spoke about what we liked, what we wanted to improve and what we're hoping for over the next four days.
  • Objective: To let participants express what they enjoyed and what they still need so that we can revise the curriculum accordingly.

No check-out