Day 4: What Does the Social Web Look Like?

Lead: Naeema
  • Session starts with a 10 minutes presentation introducing Media Landscape in the 20th Century, Web 1.0, and Web 2.0 with emphasis on Content Creation and Communication Patterns
  • Position as a presentation that you can use to illustrate the progression of media and the contrast between traditional media and Web 2.0
  • Point out Slideshare, which is a great training and organization tool, and it will be on your flash drive/USB

Main Points

  • Moving from the technical to the creative
  • One to many, many to many
  • We've moved from being almost exclusively media consumers to media producers

Exercise Instructions
Now take the devices on your tables and visualize the social web from your perspective as a social media trainer for your participant NGOs, taking into account your specific context. Anything goes. This is brainstorming with rich media!
  • Participants are divided into 4 groups
  • Each group will have one medium for content creation: Flip Camera, Voice Recorder, Digital Cam, Computer (in addition to flip charts, markers, post it notes, etc ...)
  • Participants are to create a video, photo, audio, and text on how does the concept of Social Web look like from their perspective.
  • Upload and Share the created content on their blogs with #Web2.0 and #Emediat tags.

Text Helpers